I believe in confessions. I believe in saying what we believe because believing is freedom and it is an act of commitment to confess our convictions.

I believe in the life-affirming act of creating.

I believe in health by books.

I believe the best of hand-writing, rising early, living modestly, and lake time.

I believe in the healing comforts of a home that is green & glowing. I believe fresh water is a balm. Safety, quiet, and good food are remedial.

I believe that fellowship around a meal is one of the greatest graces we have. It is especially holy when the food is delicious, fresh, pure, and garlicky.

I believe that everything created should be functional and beautiful.

I believe that a healthy approach to living on earth is a critical one, challenging all customs, habits, trends, prices, products, experiences, offers, rules.

I believe that new is not always better.

I believe that listening is dignifying. Listen first, reconcile second.

I believe that I know very little and the glass is half-full.

I believe in marriage; in grace, forgiveness, and never speaking ill of one’s spouse.

I believe in seven billion faces of beauty. Wrinkles are especially elegant.

I believe in growing up, in its goodness and health.

I believe that charm, laughter, subtlety, and pinot noir are the finer things of life.

I believe in respecting elders and snuggling kids.

I believe in life together, in practicing resurrection.

I believe in the wisdom and life of the Lord.

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